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Sandwiches That Go Yard

The sweet spot for sports fans and sandwich lovers alike. Taste the difference for yourself!

Home Team Deli

Every detail of Home Team Deli is an extension & expression of our family’s love of baseball, community, and awesome food. We have procured the finest quality, all-natural ingredients from both cherished institutions & local vendors alike for everyone in your family to enjoy. From our family to yours, Welcome!!


Signature Salads & Wraps

#19 "Mr. Padre"
#0 "The Ty Cobb"
#2004 "The Green Monster"
#5 "The DiMaggio"

Signature Hot

#'39 "The Wonderboy"

#'83 "The Pig Wich Incident"

#'91 "The Puckett"


Signature Cold

#0 "The Tyrus Cobb"

#1,406 "The Rickey"
#15 "The Laser Show"

Dogs & Sausages

#.200 "The Bob Uecker"

#.365 "The Shoeless"

#'62 "The L7 Weenie"

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Visit Us!

5160 West 120th Avenue, Unit G, Broomfield, CO, USA



Become the hero of your office or event and cater the tastiest sandwiches and salads on the planet. Yes, that’s right, we said ‘planet’. We even have a trophy to prove it.

Home Team Deli - MLB (4).jpg

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Home Team Deli - MLB (4).jpg

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